Should I ask this guy I hooked up on a date?

Okay ill amit im not proud of hooking up with this guy, it's not usually something i do but i really felt something with him, i just couldn't control my urges and neither could he.

We meant at a party and at first i thought we were gonna fuck somewhere in the house but he said, he really liked me and wanted it to be somewhere nice and quiet. So he took me to his place and as soon as i got through the door. We started making out and taking each others clothes off. The sex was amazing, probably the best id ever had, i didn't want it to stop it was so good.

After that i just felt like i needed more of him and i really want him again and again but i don't know if it was just a hook up and nothing more and i really wanna ask him out but im to scared of him not actually liking me and what he said before was just to get me in bed.
Should I ask this guy I hooked up on a date?
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