Does my supervisor like me?

I Know my supervisor likes me, I wore clingy shorts & my (🍆) print was showing. She kept coming to me & giving me extra work, but I swear she was staring at my print.

it was kinda awkward at first, she kept looking around like she didn’t know what to do
but after awhile, she just stared at it while giving me orders
She didn’t even look me in my eyes, she was too busy looking down.

she's always helping me out.
With random things I can do on my own

We’re always looking at each-other,
she caught me staring at her butt & I could’ve sworn she started moving it

Then again I’m only 20..
& she's either 19 or 23, I forgot.
Maybe I've watched too much porn & I’m misunderstanding everything.

What do you guys think?
She likes you
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She doesn’t like you
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You’re misunderstanding.
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1 y
By the way, I’m won’t do anything that’ll cost me my job, I’m not an idiot.
My print was showing & I had a boner but I hid myself around other staff and employees..

I kinda let it show when my Sup came around though lol
Does my supervisor like me?
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