When kissing a woman with lipstick on?

Don't you find it cridgy? Like when you kiss and their lipstick gets on your lips or around.

I'd rather just kiss the natural lips. It just kind of makes me feel nausous of when I think it would be on me. Or when I've seen it on TV when it gets on the men after they kiss a woman.

I'm not trying to make it sound bad, in general I'm not a fan of makeup on women but this is another thing that concerns me.

I know some men find it as some kind of honor or trophy having a lipstick mark or something but still.

So tell me your thoughts on kissing, snogging a girl that has lipstick on. (which I know is most of you.

Guys and girls, tell me your experiences, even you girls kissing other girls with lipstick on, I'm guessing it's not a big deal with you but still
When kissing a woman with lipstick on?
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