Confused about him?

we're fuckbuddies, sometimes he'll be cuddly, saying I love you grab my face for kisses and once in a while he seems like in a bad mood and doesn't talk to me or want me to touch him, pushes me away, won't kiss me and just kicks me out after we have mediocre sex (usually its good when he's in a better mood). he gives compliments sometimes, saying I look good with my new hair color, my skin is soft, I have perfect teeth. and he always says my full name for some reason, first middle last lol like "Natalie.. Natalie Marie Smith" (<not my real name). last year he showed me a photo of his ex and her name was in it, the other night when he was acting like a dick in a bad mood he got a text from her that I saw and he said "I don't know who that is" and deleted the message right away. why does he act so weird for a fuckbuddy lol, like I know that's your ex I don't care? he does the same with the girls on his snap/messages I see, "she's stupid, she's so ugly, she's just my friend from high school" like I know ur on dating apps, idc if you're getting a girl good for u?
1 y
when he was in a bad mood I said he reminded me of someone and he kept asking who and I said my ex and he said that's stupid, then the next time he was extra cuddly...
Confused about him?
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