Why are men disgusting? ?

You want girls to dress like little girls to fuck them?
a girl just posted a question about “school girl uniform”

and the comments say to remove the fishnets (which is what makes it look a bit more mature) and instead wear normal socks (which makes it look even more like a little girl)
and then suggest to not wear heels but instead little girl shoes wtf

why are men fucking disgusting?

you never see grown as women asking men to dress like little boys so we can get wet.. that’s fucking gross.

and they can say it’s all in “fantasy” but even in fantasy, why the fuck does an old ass man want to imagine fucking a little girl? Sick in the head! I can’t even imagine saying oh! I want to imagine fucking a little boy but just in fantasy.. wtf

Why would an old woman want a man to dress like a little boy to get wet? Same thing!
disgusting pedophiles

why are you guys so disgusting puke 🤢
Why are men disgusting? ?
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