Is this abuse or am I overthinking it?

I recently got into a sexual relationship with someone, we’ve been seeing each other for a few months. Recently I’ve spent more time with him, and since he’s gone, I’ve began to feel incredibly anxious. I expressed to him beforehand that I was a little into kink and BDSM role play, but only in the bedroom. Since I’ve seen him, I feel sore in every part of my body, I feel like my mind is incredibly anxious, I’m getting panic attacks and I’ve been uncontrollably crying.

- when we are out and about, without my consent he will grab me roughly by the hair and sometimes put his hand on my throat tight
- he tells me he wants to use my body in any way he likes
- he is constantly touching me, spanking my bum and leaving bruises, pulling my nipples until they are incredibly sore, and forcing me down onto the bed
- in sex, it is incredibly rough, I feel lots of pain with the way he forces me into different positions
- when he spanks me he uses such force I sometimes end up almost passing out from the pain
- he seems to want to punish me all the time for little mistakes and will find any excuse to punish me
- when we aren’t having sex, he barely speaks to me unless it’s to do with the bedroom
- he took a photo of me without my consent when I was naked
- he told me to post anonymously on an erotica site and I didn’t consent to doing this

is this BDSM or abuse?
Is this abuse or am I overthinking it?
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