Which would you rather do?

Heterosexual males only.

You wake up in a room.
There's a guy standing naked with with a huge erection.

THE ONLY way out of the room... is to get on your knees and suck his penis.
You also have to swallow.

If you don't, you'll die in the room of starvation.

You have 1 hour to decide.
suck penis
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starve to death
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1 y
Some people are going to starve? Really? If it were the only way to get out, no one ever had to know or find out, still no? Life or death? Instinctively I'll want to live. Sorry, not sorry but you're gonna see a 5'7", 145lb man drop the knees of his $80 skinny jeans in the dirt while he fills my mouth with his cock. I wanna live thanks.
Which would you rather do?
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