Why there are people hate sexual question?

if i ask : what is ur favorite position?
then there is a bunch of hater jump in and said:
u are sex addict
u are sexism
u are pig

well i never ask anyone that question, but there is an interviewer that happen to be a guy ask the same question to a woman, and he got so much brick throw at him on internet, poor guy.

i failed to see the bad thing here, what if a woman ask a woman that, or a woman ask a man?

why so many woman think that talking about sex with a woman mean man objectify women? what about women who love dirty talk? do u even think about them or u just think for urself?

this also happen to men too, when i talking with my bro-in-law about sex, i use he and my sis for example, and he think i has treated her as an object, simply bc i talking about her in that sexual matter.
when people become so fuking damn sensitive about certain matter bc they has been trained to think like that for the whole life, they can't even see another possibility for the same matter anymore, so annoying.
Why there are people hate sexual question?
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