I have feelings for my friends with benefits brother?

My friends with benefits and his brother went to my college. My friends with benefits brother is the same age as me and was in all my lessons where as my friends with benefits is a bit older than me. Anyways my friends with benefits let’s call him Tyler just uses me for sex, he always says he will take me out and gives me false hope but he just always sees me for sex. My friends with benefits is on tinder and is not loyal to me at all which is understandable because I’m not either. He speaks to loads of girls and I’m just a girl he uses.

anyways my friends with benefits brother let’s call him Ryan knows about me and his brother. He finds it hard to accecpt but he still sees me and hangs out with me. We have kissed me and Ryan but nothing more. I can tell Ryan has some sort of feelings for me and I’m always someone he speaks to and goes to. I can tell he likes being around me. The only thing is Ryan just broke with up his ex last week and his ex is crazy threatening to kill herself. I really wanna see where things go with Ryan though, and I don’t wanna regret not making a move because we really get along. Ryan does know about me and his brother about how we have sex, he does care a bit since he gets frustrated since he wants to talk to me but I wanna try see where things go with him.

Is this too risky? I mean I just wanna become closer to Ryan and help him get over his ex and see what happens. I am planning to tell him that I wanna completely stop sleeping with his brother if he wants me to. At the end of the day my friends with benefits is just sex. My friends with benefits would probably be a bit mad but he can’t say anything since he’s not loyal to me either.

please help
1 y
Also they don’t talk. They have no loyalties to each other and the two brothers don’t get along
I have feelings for my friends with benefits brother?
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