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Should I dump my fiance for cheating?

I have always been the quiet girl, did not enjoy clubs or night life and then I met him, at 23. He was my first sexual encounter and I felt so blessed that a man like him ( considered by almost every girl in our town very handsome - blue yes, black hair, nice body) wants me. Not because of my looks, but because of my... boring personality. But he did and we got engaged last year. Our relationship is pretty good. But yesterday I overheard a conversation. A friend of his told him „OK, you will have it tonight” - they were talking about something he ordered from her brother as a present for his mom. And she added: and then what? What will you do? You plan to leave?( he wants to go and visit his parents)

His reply was: it depends. What else am I getting tonight?

Is he sleeping with her? Was she joking? I dont wanna be a hysterical girlfriend but it sounded weird to me.
Should I dump my fiance for cheating?
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