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Anxiety and stress?

Why does anxiety come out in different forms? I’m petrified of being pregnant Anxiety over pregnancy scares I am experiencing high level of anxiety over the last few months over a situation, does dry humping a guy with your bum on his penis/ penis area for like a minute or less , no pre cum or ejaculation or even if there may be some pre cum but no ejaculation , can this cause pregnancy when you are both fully clothed? Pants , jeans , pad aswell let’s say 7 layers in total between us I’ve been doing research which has made the anxiety worse there are people who claim to have there periods during pregnancy is this possible? , since the incident I have had all three normal periods 6 negative pregnancy tests but still can’t shake the feeling. Even if there may be pre cum in the guys pants why does it not pass from layer to layer of the clothes due to the friction between dry humping? This maybe a silly question but once pre cum or ejaculation is absorbed on a guys pants is it still able to swim? Or even on skin is it able to swim on skin? Would you need to change ur clothing after dry humping? I’m sorry for the silly question please no sarcastic comments Many thanks,
Anxiety and stress?
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