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Girls, do you think what makes you attracted to men is purely decided by culture?

A lot of people believe that our sexuality is purely determined by culture and nothing else.

I think women are beautiful. I look at them and I love to see their eyes and lips and cute faces. I love thick girls thin girls athletic girls chunky girls. I love all kinds.

When I see the beauty of a woman it is incredible. Even average girls to me can be super cute and I like to look at them too.

There is no way that culture informed me on what makes a woman’s face beautiful or not. What makes her body sexy or not. My lust for women is a far wider range than what is promoted in culture.

It seems to me that as much as a woman may like a guys looks. At the end of the day, a guys confidence, presence, power, and a whole host of other non physical traits are far more important to women than his looks. When a guy combines many good non physical traits, it completely overrides his physical looks.

Some people say that it’s jut culture. Culture tells us that men have to be big and strong and confident, and so therefore that is what women are attracted to. Basically, toxic masculinity becomes what women desire in their partner, because that it what our culture says men should be.

I think it’s complete BS. I was shy my entire life. Despite having good looks, and girls approaching me, once they saw I was shy, poof. Interest gone.

Now that I have so much confidence and comfort around women, it’a magical. It’s as if I cast a spell on them. I have power over women. And in my mind, this confidence that gives me power over women is more than just culture. It’s biological. I think women are biologically designed to be attracted to confidence and all the other shit they like. It’s complicated, very very complicated and I won’t sit here trying to list it all out cuz I’m not a woman anyways. But I know for a fact that it’s very complex what makes women attracted to a man. And I don’t think the complexity of it is represented in culture. It’s biology in my opinion.
Girls, do you think what makes you attracted to men is purely decided by culture?
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