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Is he just being selfish or is he over me?

Recently my boyfriend hasn't been acting the why he normally does with me anytime I ask for sex he says no it only happens when he wants it Also the last two times we had sex he gets me to do everything to him eg bj then just wants go to sex without any foreplay for me Then the other night he said about having sex got me to give him a bj then said he didn't want to have sex we argued after that and the next day he said it was just because he was too drunk

It's just making me overthink Is he acc just being selfish Or could he just be over me and have no interest Were having a date night tomorrow so I'll see if it happens again But it's almost making me feel self conscious about sex Incase he acc dosnt want to touch me What do you think How can I bring this up without it escalating into an argument
Is he just being selfish or is he over me?
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