Perverted or not?

Hi, my neighbor asked me this last night but I don’t know what to say. Her husband was sitting on the couch next to his 13 year old daughter supposed to be helping her with math. The wife was in bed almost asleep when her intuition made her get up out of bed. She went to see what was happening. Long story short, he had a blanket over his penis and he was slowly very sneaky rubbing it. The wife peered on the situation for a few minutes just to be sure. The father had put his hand on his daughter’s knee and she was falling asleep. All of a sudden the daughter (13) jumped up from the couch. The wife went downstairs and sat right on her hubby the daughter went to bed quickly and the wife felt and grabbed him. He had already had a full on erection!!! What advice can you give her on this? Side note: the husband has vouyeristic (spelling) tendencies. She has caught him peeking in on the 3 girls a couple of times over the past 15 years. From the outside windows. He has admitted to being a pervert but that he loves his daughters and would never hurt them. What’s the best solid advice you can give? She doesn’t have money for counseling right now. Thanks!
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I do not understand why the husband would allow himself to have a hard on while next to his daughter? Even though he was covered, even if it had nothing to do with her. My neighbor just texted me and told me he’s acting like everything is fine and she’s making a big deal for nothing. The mom talked to the daughter and explained to her that Dad is perverted and asked if he’s done anything that made her feel uncomfortable. She said no.
The neighbor mom told me she’s going to discuss boundaries.
Perverted or not?
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