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Why doesn’t my boyfriend sext with me anymore?

Hey guys so boyfriend and I been together for 18 months so a year and a half ish. Good relationship, he’s very attentive and we talk daily. Noticed that the last few months he hasn’t been engaging much in me trying to sext. Very minimum, I sent him a dirty pic he said “I love it babe” “I got a boner” and then “I miss our dirty sessions” before he used to be very detailed on what he wanted or get into it a little bit more than that. I asked why he isn’t and he said he never liked to. Only changes we have had in the last couple months were some relationship problems that we are still working on and the pandemic has kept us apart for the last two months. As far as being loving and affectionate our connection there is still strong as ever. Anyone know why maybe? He said he will try since it’s important to me
Why doesn’t my boyfriend sext with me anymore?
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