Do you think this is a date or just a friend/work colleague catch up?

Background - maybe spoke with him 4 times in total. He IM-ed at work after he found out I quit saying I'd be missed & and I was amazing - said he would like to stay in touch on social media, added me and we had this conversation over last weekend. What are meeting up on Sat.

Him: Again soo awesome working with you, and good luck at your new job! Hopefully will meet again one day

Me: Aw, thanks. It was great working with you too. I'm not opposed to catching up for a coffee or whatever if you'd like to But thanks for everything

Him: why yes! I'd love you catch up with you for a coffee or whatever, we had some cool chats, and would be good to get to know you more. As you seem to be a really cool person and you're amazing at your job!
And yeah, ill organise a catch up one weekend.

Me: Thanks for your kind words and praise. You're pretty great at your job too and I have enjoyed getting to know you (as brief as it was) Cool, sounds great

Him: Haha, yes been fantastic getting to know you too, even though brief haha. But will also be good to know more by catching up since we both won't be busy with work haha
Thanks for the kind words too

Him (the next day after I made a post on fb about gifts I'd received when I left): So amazing you got such nice words from clients, you will missed greatly, but onto bigger and better things. Goes to show how much of an impact you made, and a hundred present and incredible person! I was thinking, do you have time next weekend to grab a drink and chat?

Me: Thanks, you are such a nice guy! Sure, that sounds great. When did you have in mind? I don't have lot on next weekend at the moment so probably I great time to lock something in

Him: aw, thanks!. You are such a really nice girl! And would be great getting to know you more. How about next Saturday afternoon at around 3pm? Can maybe meet down at the jetty at xxx Beach? My favourite place to go haha. If that's not too far from you. Can go for a walk, or grab a drink and chat.
Do you think this is a date or just a friend/work colleague catch up?
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