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♀️♂️↔️I think I'm Bi-Curious?

So I'm an 18 year-old African American girl an High school senior curious about both sex/ male/female. I never been in an relationship with both genders, single since I was born. But I have an attraction towards both, I like looking at women, I think there pretty, beautiful creatures (Myself as well). I love looking at handsome, cute men as well, and I'm conflicted about it. I'm Christian and I'm not the best Christian but I have my faith.

For me I always believed that you can like what you like because you can't control it, you can only lie about liking something if someone else tells you its wrong but for me love is love.

What I'm say is, is it ok to have these desires for both. I want to experience things with both but I haven't because I'm to shy and an introvert so I'm not really a fan of socializing.
And about my family (Parents), they are weirded out by the LGBTQ+ community but they have been around it cause I had gay people around me over the years and they don't really react to it only when they see stuff on TV. My mom once ask me would I ever tell her I liked other genders and I said no because its not her business to know and that its not her life to care if I am. It only matters if I reproduce kids that's it.

I would like to here other people's thoughts to help me more understand my self.
♀️♂️↔️I think Im Bi-Curious?
♀️♂️↔️I think Im Bi-Curious?
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♀️♂️↔️I think I'm Bi-Curious?
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