Do you think obese and/or super obese women are attractive?

"Super obese" would be someone who is 500+ pounds/225kg+ or much larger.

I ask this question to see how women of a certain size are viewed on an attraction standpoint from the viewpoint of men, but also women who are attracted to larger women as well. I'm just curious what the poll results may be.

I would like to hear from everyone who participates in the poll if possible. Please explain the poll choice you selected, but please, please be courteous with your reply. Regardless of what your stance is.

I know our society can be very harsh toward overweight women and overweight people in general, as well as people who are attracted to them, so please vote and reply anonymously if you choose. The idea is to share your thoughts on the matter, so feel free to do so anonymously if you feel more comfortable doing so. But again, just please be kind with your reply. I would prefer a constructive dialog if possible.

Thank you.
I am attracted to super obese women and I do not have a size limit
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I am attracted to obese women, but I have a size limit (please explain)
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I think obese and super obese women can be attractive, but I feel there are health/moral considerations with such sizes
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I am not attracted to obese and super obese women (please be courteous in your explanation)
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Do you think obese and/or super obese women are attractive?
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