Why are men who struggle with dating so completely and utterly broken as human beings?

So I'll watch these dating coach videos where they have these guys call in so they can do some 1 on 1 help that everyone in x y or z community can hear and it should help everyone.

And the dating coach will begin to ask questions of the man. What is your job? Have you had any relationship before? Have you had sex? All kinds of questions.

And it seems to me that the majority of the time, the guy who called for help, is too scared to answer the question honestly. They lie or avoid the question or try to get around it or whatever.

And it makes me cringe so hard. Like if I were to call in myself, I would be 100% honest because I would want to know wtf is wrong with me and what I have to do so I can get some pussy!

But most guys are terrified to admit they are a virgin or whatever other factor that they believe is detrimental to their dating sex and love lives.

The coaches deal with this so much, that they practically have to beat the truth out of the guys. It's like, if you're a dating coach and you want to help men, you have to work so hard just to get past a guy's initial avoidance of anything that makes him look less than perfect.

And that's what it looks like to me. Men are terrified to be less than perfect, lest they be judged and cast down as inferior beta males I suppose.

I mean I guess that's just the toxic masculinity at work. It's so sad. It's so deep.

They say women are oppressed. I think men are oppressed lol. Guys can't even be their real selves for fear of being judged as less than worthy of female affection.

All this talk about toxic masculinity. It's all rooted in mens fear of separation from women. We know, if we dont emulate certain behaviors, women won't want us. Or so we think anyways. I think we all wish we were wrong and women could just explain why but they can't. Cuz women dont understand us and so women cannot help us.

It's just so sad to me to see these guys who can't even admit a single flaw in themselves due to fear and shame.
Why are men who struggle with dating so completely and utterly broken as human beings?
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