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What do I do about this friend?

So im 15 and secretly closeted, My best friend since kindergarden has ALWAYS been extremly homophobic, I have seen him bully a lesbian in our class to the point she cried and left class he got suspended and he was proud of it, Some dude told him i was gay as a joke, My freind said " lets put it this way If (my name) was a f*g he would not be breathing right now and he would for sure not be near me" Im honestly scared to come out, HE is an amazing friend, everytime we hang out its a party, He also sticks up for me a lot, if someone was bullying me he would knock them out, Plus when i had depression he cheered me up, He literally gave me a fancy haircut and gave me some of his bling and gave me a massive confidence boost plus he is one hype man, i mean he is handsome but i dont like him like that, I see him more like a big brother from another mother, But if i did come out, he would turn against me, My only friend gone, I literally can't function without him, See im a single child and my dad has been dead for VERY long time , So he has always been the "male figure" that i idol and look up too, I What should i do?
What do I do about this friend?
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