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Is my coochie broken?

I was having sex with my f buddy. We've been having sex for 3 years. Well last time he told me I became dry during sex. He did do oral on me so I was wet from that or so I thought. He kept saying I was dry inside. He wasn't rude he just politely asked me what was wrong.

To make things worse I wasn't able to cum. Normally his oral stimulating will make me cum but not this time. I tried stimulating myself but still couldn't climax.

I'm horrified. Because we could not complete the act.

This has never happened to me so I am worried that it has to do with my going through premature menopause in my late 30's. I'm supposed to take hormones prempro but hadn't been doing it... but I have since started back.

I've since been given my vagina a rest and planned to test it out in another week.

Any feedback. I know I can try lube... but I heard it can be drying too
Is my coochie broken?
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