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Should I worry about this?

So my boyfriend I been together 2 years best guy I’ve dated, honest and loving. He’s shy and has some social anxiety so he’s awkward at times. Beginning of our relationship sex was almost instant. We see one another on the weekends due to work and school and distance. We have sex everytime we see one another or giving oral. Two years gone by and still having sex when we see one another. This past weekend we usually fool around at night when his mom is asleep but walls are thin so we have to be real quiet. But this time he said “hey let’s take it easy this weekend as I heard my mom talking to my dad on the phone about how it’s disrespectful we sleep in the same bed in the house.” He’s grown and pays rent but his family is old fashioned. He felt awkward about it and wanted to cool it while they are around. At night before bed we were watching tv and I was initiating and he was like chill remember what I said but he got turned on and gave in, but he was reluctant in his face and was trying to watch tv. I felt bad and told him about how we hadn’t had sex in a while due to my period, schedules and what not. He said I told you earlier about cooling it but I didn’t say I didn’t want to but you have to respect that. Do you think he made it up to not do anything sexual with me? Am I overthinking?
Should I worry about this?
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