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Has your insecurities ever ruined a relationship?

I struggle with erectile dysfunction from chronic masterbation in my teens. Now my sex life is completely ruined and I have a girlfriend. I can never sexually satisfy her. When she’s in the mood I can’t get it up. When I am fully erected is when she’s not in the mood. I’ve seen doctors and they’ve said there’s nothing that can be done. And it’s more of a mental issue. My girlfriend suggests that we go to bed earlier and make more time in the bedroom. She thinks that’ll help our sex life, but I doubt it.

Now I’m paranoid that she’s cheating but I don’t have any evidence. It also doesn’t help that she has guy friends, buy. Her text messages are on open screen so I can see her texts between her n the guys. But that still doesn’t make me feel any better. I like my relationship with my girlfriend and the things she does for me. But my impotence has made me very insecure and paranoid. I don't know if I should stay or leave.

Before I started dating my girlfriend I had a friends with benefits Michelle. Me & Michelle had such a strong emotional/sexual connection that I didn’t even suffer Ed with her. I miss Michelle a lot, and I wake up hard some nights thinking about her. But I don’t have the same connection with my current girlfriend.
Has your insecurities ever ruined a relationship?
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Has your insecurities ever ruined a relationship?
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