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Girlfriend found something better?

Hello my girlfriend and I have been wanting to experiment. So she bought some dildo's. One small one for us then one huge double sided that's the size of my arm and girth of my fist.
At first we just used the small one. Then she wanted to use the big one.
Well we haven't had sex since and she uses it everyday for about 1- 3 hr. She won't even have sex with me anymore cause she thinks she's to loose and needs the big one. I've heard her make sounds and seen her make facial expressions I've never seen b4. She comes out of the room so sexually satisfied that I just want to leave knowing that I can't do that to her.

I've lost all sexual thrill for her but still love her.

I don't want to hear, maybe just join her and have fun together because I tried and it just made my heart hurt worse. Knowing I'll never be able to please her like this.
Side note she's been with a guy who was about that size and she always told me it didn't matter but her actions speak louder. I don't have a small dick I've been with plenty of women and they've all said the same. It's not huge, it's not small either. So I guess average.
Girlfriend found something better?
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