Guys, should I stay celibate until marriage?

Guys, should I stay celibate until marriage?
Hey guys, I'm 30 years old and celibate for 5 years. I had a short relationship 5 years ago, we had sex approximately 10 times, then he started to prefer to wank instead or sleeping with different women. The reason for that was that he said "women who have sex with men are all whores, but men who have sex with women are all winners". He said he wanted to protect me by not having sex with me because he loved me so much and didn't want to use me for his dirty fantasies (like vanilla sex 🙄).
He also said women should never ever sleep with men because that decreases their value and they are ruined for life once they let a man in.
I felt so bad that I had let someone inside me, and decided to go celibate until I get married.
It is not an easy task because men these days are ONLY interested in sex and they lose their temper if you refuse to be a free call girl. Usually the first message I get on eHarmony is "come over my place and suck my dick right now babe", and I reply "no thanks, but would you be interested in an actual date?" And he says: " no you're such a whore you will be single forever burn in hell dirty slut". That is my daily communication with men online. I only have passport style photos of my face on my profile.
In the beginning it was hard to hold off sex but after 5 years I have to say I don't crave sex at all anymore. I don't get turned on by men anymore, and have no sexual fantasies (in comparison to my twenties).
I think I would enjoy sex in a marriage though, if my husband would be ok with a few kisses first (instead of just taking my panties off whenever he wanted and pushing himself in like my ex did). I would enjoy sex if I knew that the man liked me and would be ok maybe giving me a massage first.

However, given my luck in the dating scene, I don't think I will ever get married. I don't want to wake up at 40 or 50 and realize the last time I had sex was when my ex boyfriend raped me when I was 25.
Guys, should I stay celibate until marriage?
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