Should I wear (mens) thongs or should I wear boxers?

I like wearing both mens and womens thongs especially my wife’s. I like wearing mens camo thongs and they feel really good and comfortable to me. I also wear my wife’s thongs too (plus size). Thongs are comfortable and feel good to me and feel like I’m not wearing anything at all. My wife hates wearing thongs and hates me wearing thongs unless it’s mine or hers. She finds me attractive wearing only boxers and not thongs. I’m obsessed with thongs and looking at them and wanting to wear them. I like boxers but just wanted to wear different kind of underwear instead of wearing boxers all the time. I get so tired of wearing boxers all the time and just want to wear my camo thongs and wanting to buy more camo thongs. My wife always gets so pissed every time I try to wear a thong either around the house or out in public. She always has to check me to see what I’m wearing either my boxers or my thong. My wife will only wear her thongs if I’m wearing only my boxers. She thinks that I am either gay or bi for wearing thongs and I always tell her that thongs don’t make people gay or bi and I am 100% straight and only into girls. I tell her underwear don’t make people gay. The only way she will wear her thongs if I make her or force her to wear or beg her to wear her thongs for me either around the house or out in public or when we go on dates ( just me and her).
Should I wear (mens) thongs or should I wear boxers?
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