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What the hell guys?

I can’t help but feel bad for men who just can’t accept what’s wrong with society. It’s no secret that girls have to face a lot of bullshit and oppression, but guys will try to find a way to make it seem like theyre the ones being oppressed.

IM NOT CLAIMING TO BE BETTER THAN OTHER GUYS. I just feel bad. Sometimes I’ll see girls post helpful things about guys, like guys should be allowed to talk about their feelings more, etc. but I never see guys try and better the situation for girls.

I can already see guys calling me a pussy for saying this but idrc. since discovering this site it just hurts to see how blatantly sexist some guys are.

and i just dont know where else to rant about this, and some part of me really wants to get it off my chest.

I don’t know if women think that all men are evil. I wouldn’t blame you tbh. a lot of my guy friends are pretty nice. i make sure not to befriend bigots anyways. but recently i found out one of my good friends was pretty abusive towards their girlfriend. completely changed how I saw him. the relationship looked so perfect on the outside. it just makes me kinda mad. i wonder if sometimes im accidentally supporting the gender gap.

i also feel like there's huge negative connotation with saying im a feminist. I do support gender equality, no doubt. but I get the feeling that women just dont trust men who claim to be. or dont believe they exist. i honestly dont even know any guys who really wish for gender equality. or at least its not something guys ever talk about

again im not asking for validation or anything. just wanted to rant about this, but it feels like too sensitive of a topic to talk to anyone about. I dont even feel like ill be taken seriously, which really just shows how fucked up society is when it comes to gender inequality.

i mean at the end of the day i can just ignore it all and luckily for me ig im a man so it wouldn't affect me. and thats not right :/

so on behalf of all men sorry men suck
i really am sorry
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this site is a nest full of middle aged bigots who are unfortunately too stubborn to understand the newer generation. rest easy knowing that people like me will be the ones in office and with power a few short generations from now. no worries, you won’t be here to see your precious ideals crumble.

sorry this message is full of hate and bitterness. the points you guys are trying to make just don’t have any relevance to me. I’m spending more time trying to decipher what you’re trying to prove.
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maybe the women i’ve met in my life have been nicer to me. dont you guys have anything better to do at the great ripe age of 30-40. its kinda embarrassing really.
hope i dont get karma for this haha.
i wish the best for everyone, unfortunately.
goodbye, some sad sad community. i’ll take what i’ve learned and leave
What the hell guys?
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