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What is your opinion of my recent dating app expirience?

I was chatting to a woman having laughs and fun on a dating app. Suddenly I have found out she blocked me and I have no way of contacting her. Both of us had our covid boosters over weekend so last message I sent her was "That's fine if you don't wanna talk hope you feel better too" as we both felt pretty rough Then she writes "you to and thanks for understanding" Then I found out after coming home from my late shift at work that she blocked me. Also she said she didn't have any other chat app than this, no kik, no facebook twitter instagram etc. But she did say she has what's app but won't give her number out untill she knew me better because she had been scammed before. I thought hmm that's fair enough because she had 4 or more photos that didn't look like a super model or pornstar. Plus none flagged up on reverse image search. Not that I am saying she looked bad cause I wouldn't have spoken to her if I didn't think there was some connection. So do you think she could have been fake or catfishing just seems random to siddenly block someone, also not like it's easy to accidently do it on Plenty Of Fish either.
What is your opinion of my recent dating app expirience?
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