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I've lost my Mojo?

Ive lost my Mojo?
A few weeks back i noticed i wasn't ejaculating semen! After a few more "tests" it seems it wasn't a one off... Like any modern person i went to google and found it to be most likely "Retrograde Ejaculation" - when semen enters the bladder instead of emerging through the penis during orgasm.

So that sounds bloody lovely right... Pretty sure its due to a past trauma down my crown jewels i had when i was a teenager... (too long to discuss here)... now that thought has been running through my head and talking to some friends about it they said to go to the docs... which i will do after the new year...

The idea of my splooge being shot in my bladder where.. god knows it might get me backed up or something else has sort of made me put a downer on it, plus after 25+ years of shooting my load it just feels.. weird and.. wrong that i dont.. and now i put myself off sex totally, bar the odd morning wood i am not having erections and i am actively and passively avoiding stimulus as those weird thoughts are now filling my head.

And then on another note, although i didn't really plan to have kids... i always had that option, but now it seems that choice has been taken away!

A penny for your thoughts?
I've lost my Mojo?
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