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Am I the side chick/ the other woman? Help?

I’ve been seeing this guy for 5 months. He’s like 8 years older than me I’m 20. 21 next year. Anyway we talk everyday and he has 3 kids but I recently found out him and his baby mom were together for like 14 years and only broke up 1 month before me and him started seeing each other.

We have never went on a date. I’m sad about it. I’ve told him, he’s just said it will happen it still hasn’t after 5 months. I always go and catch the taxi to him at 10pm at night and go the next morning but he drives but I’ve never asked why he dosent pick me up just because I just thought he’d wanna pick me up anyway.

I go to his house and have sex and then sleep and leave and we have really really good sex like amazing. I like him but I think he still sees his baby mom? She still has posts up of them on Instagram and I saw female stuff in his bathroom the other day. I don’t know what to do here? I like him? Am I being a fool here? I’ve asked and asked for a date and he’s said it will happen but it never ever does. But he’s really good with his words and I’m getting attatched but I keep seeing stuff in his bathroom and every Tuesday/Wednesday the day he goes to see her to drop his kid back he never replies for like 20 hours.

help? I like him.

im meant to be seeing him but I’m feeling to cancel? I’m seeing a lot of red flags.
Am I the side chick/ the other woman? Help?
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