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Would you ever date a sensitive guy?

I’m a very sensitive guy & a crybaby. When I was kindergarten whenever my mom was late to pick me up & I was the last kid I’d start to cry & the teacher would always try to make me feel better. Not much has changed since then I cry too much & girls I’m with always use kid gloves when they find out how much of a pussy I am compared to other guys. Would you date a guy that you think is cute or you like him even though he’s very emotional? I’m not talking about an emotional guy you don’t think he’s cute or you don’t like his personality. But an emotional guy that you kind of like. Or is it too much & you need to feel like your boyfriend/husband is emotionally strong? And not an emotional guy who is negative all the & talks about everything he does wrong because nobody wants someone like that. Just emotional in the sense he gets too attached & you have to make him feel safe.
Would you ever date a sensitive guy?
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