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Why am I such a screwup?

So im 6ft 3 and naturally well build, But my penis is shorter then my pinkey ( Buts its thicker) Im 16 and a virgin, My two buddys are like 5ft 8 and 6ft, Both of their d icks put mine to shame, their penises are like 5X as thick and several times longer They have never seen mine im to afraid to show it, i feel like women would dump me and laugh at me if they found out, I have rejected dating because of this, I think my penis is 2-3 inchs erect, My buddy (the 6ft one) is less attractive then me and he's f*Cked i know at least 4 girls that are smoking hot, I just feel inferior, This girl thought i was "mean" because i rejected her, I wanted to date her but if/when she found out about the penis i was worried she would laugh break up with me and go tell everyone, So i feel like love is pointless, Plus god forbid if the guys in my school found out about my small penis, I would be bullied nonstop, What do i do? Give up on love? Get surgery?
Why am I such a screwup?
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