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Why are women so wrong?

I find it very hurtful.
I have a big penis. I send pictures to CONSENTING girls online who choose to help me out.

Some get my size right, some girls guess way bigger.
but than you get these odd girls that guess 2 inches less what I am.

Like wtf? Do you think I’m a worthless human being?

My penis is 7.3 inches long and 6 inches in girth (thick). They always get it right that I’m very thick at least. But wtf, every girl should know I have a long penis as well.

Some girls even thought my penis is 9 inches long.

What is wrong with women? you suck
merry Christmas 🎄
I they’re dumb that’s why
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They’re trying to hurt my feelings
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They don’t understand size
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It’s my fault
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The pictures are bad
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Not sure
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Why are women so wrong?
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