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Friends with benefits is acting different as of late?

purely curious to see if this could be more.

known him just over a year now, so we’ve been fucking for over a year.
at the beginning it was boring and shit tbh I was getting over an ex for months so my head wasn’t in sex, he just seemed to want to hit it and quit it. Conversation were dry and all the rest of it

anyway the last handful of times I’ve seen him the sex has just been off the charts and we both feel it. It’s hot, rough at times and just passionate (loads of fun)

he’s got me wondering these last couple times as 1 I’ve now been to his house and we fucked twice and he came twice (go me) and I’ve just left him now and he came twice again and exclaimed “omg u made me cum twice” which I found hilarious. We get on very well and he hangs around after he’s cum now, for hours and sometimes we cuddle after. This last time he really wanted to show me a song he found called “snowflake” by powfu - check it out it’s gorgeous. And he also moaned my name while I gave him head?

just a couple things that made my head turn really
19 d
I also forgot to add he told me he hadn’t had a New Years kiss yet and wanted to recreate it and count down while we kissed lol! This admittedly could have just been to initiate sex but came across kind of sweet and I laughed and told him it was cringe
Friends with benefits is acting different as of late?
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