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Is it really over? What do I do?

I have trust issues, just letting you all know. I also have no one else to talk to about this..

My husband and I have been married for a year and the sex has become horrible. I found searches on his phone for happy ending massages and brothels. And messages with his best friend/cousin asking if they should go get massages at this brothel place.

Today, he told me he's going for a massage and I got sceptical. Turns out the massage place he was going to was down the road.. I went to check it out and the receptionist was literally wearing lingerie. I got so mad and I asked which room he was in. She wouldn't tell me at first but finally did. I opened the door on him. He was alone; they hadn't started the massage yet..

He got so mad and started yelling at me in front of everyone. I walked out and half an hour later he came home. Now I can't help but think he's going to actually go get a happy ending massage or go to a brothel to spite me..

I'm so beyond embarrassed and I know I was so wrong to do it but that search history got to me so badly I couldn't help it..

He called his best friend/cousin right after and I think he told him what I did. I'm really embarrassed..

He's asleep right now but I've been crying for hours thinking he's gunna leave me for this..
Should he? Should I even be married with my trust issues? Is this divorce worthy. I can't trust anyone, ever.. help..
Is it really over? What do I do?
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