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Ladies, how would you feel about living in this fantasy?

A mixed-race couple, in an off-the-grid shack that has its own means of handling water, sewage and trash, and its own electricity.

With an underground bunker. Holding each other during the day, staring at eagles and tumbleweeds.

At night, making love in the bunker, flipping the bird at the impending apocalypse. Defiantly attempting to create a new life, while the majority of the surface world surrenders itself to impending death.

If successful, they scrounge for other survivors. Adam and Eve rerun and all that. If they fail, and die, they die together. The world can't separate them, unless it's willing to kill them both - thus defeating the purpose.

Any ladies here on board with this one? I know it sounds gloom-and-doomy. But after the last three years, does it not seem fair?
15 d
The mixed ethnicity element is optional. It's the survivalism fantasy I care about. Becoming independent from the world, but still getting to enjoy it with another. To reach out and help a neighbor because I want to, not because I fear the need for someone to scratch my back later if I'm in trouble. The former allows charity and good things to come forth. The latter is simply an exchange, one with no guarantees.
Ladies, how would you feel about living in this fantasy?
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