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Am I selfish I need some help?

me and my partner haven’t really done anything sexual in a while he used to ask me but I was so shy and got embarrassed of my body so we never ended up doing it sometimes, but tonight we were going to he asked me I said yeah. I wasn’t home at the time so I told him I would be home in 10 minutes it’s like 4:40am when I said this he said we can do something tomorrow then, so I said okay I guess and he said what are you on I said nothing now and he said do you actually want to do something I said yes. He said ok then I said but it doesn’t matter we can do something tomorrow I’m not tripping and he said no I’m not going back and forth tell me when your home, I said I’m not going back and forth and he said ok then let’s do something but if you want to wait till tomorrow we can. I said well your the one who brought up doing stuff tomorrow you must be sleeply or something, he just said “ might as well be sleepy🤷🏽‍♀️, I was with it tonight but alright I guess goodnight” and I didn’t text back until 4 minutes later because I was getting ready I was naked horny getting my stand ready my toys out and everything. Then I open his text and he says that and I text him back saying I was just saying and didn’t say we can’t do anything right now, at this point I’m frustrated and a little angry because I was ready and everything and that just throws me off. So I wait 4 minutes and I get no text back so he’s asleep and I’m agitated and upset because I was looking forward to it. (we were going to do phone sex because we have work tomorrow and we just wanted something quick so no one had to drive). Am I being selfish and unreasonable? Or would you be upset too?
Am I selfish I need some help?
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