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How can I distinguish if this guy I like is gay?

He's a therapist and for a guy he's unusually empathetic and good at listening and talking. Like way more than the average guy. He's so sweet and always smiles at me and stuff. Def the shy type. I don't get a gay impression from him really. The only thing is he met up with this guy who is like a mini celebrity in his field.. And the mini celebrity is gay, but I think he just wanted to know more because the guy is a small legend.

Also, his body language doesn't seem gay at all in fact he has shown many body language signs of attraction to me and always runs over to me and stuff. He definitely treats me different than he does to men. He doesn't smile at men and act all enthusiastic even guys he knows.

And he can't tell the difference between a dress and a skirt. He told me he knows nothing about that woman stuff.

But he seems too good to be true because he's just so nice and sweet and such a great listener and understanding.

I have the biggest crush on him... If he was gay I would be disappointed, but I would still want to be his best friend ever.

How can I distinguish if this guy I like is gay?
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