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He cares for me but has no feelings?

So I've been messaging my family friend for 4 years. We hooked up a couple months ago a few times. & I realized I had been ignoring the fact I have feelings for him. I told him and he said he's not the type of guy to get feelings (which he isn't, he's in the army and doesn't like getting into relationships due to being deployed for half a year at the time.

But besides that he cares and has respect for me. When we thought I might be pregnant he stayed by me, taking me for tests and was there. He used to get jealous all the time & argue with me. He even said 'you know I would reply to you' he treats me better then he treats most girls. It was my second time when I had sex with him & he was kissing my forehead, holding my hand being gentle. He even cared how and where I lost my virginity.

Can someone explain the difference between the two to me?
He cares for me but has no feelings?
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