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Boyfriend can't deal with my sexual past?

My boyfriend has a hard time getting over the fact that I got fucked by other guys before him. He sometimes kind of insults me with it when he gets a little angry about whatever thing hat doesn't have anything to do with it. I don't even ask questions about his past cause it doesn't matter. I do have to say that I was pretty loose a while ago and have been in bed with about 15 guys. He is especially mad that most of them weren't even in a relationship with me (you know how college life goes these days). He get's all competitive about that stuff and I know a lot of guys do.

I don't get why guys see fucking girls as a competition. And apparently, the less you know her or commit to her, the cooler you are. There was a friend of mine who had casual sex with a guy (total douche). Later got in a relationship with another guy and the douche bag was joking about how he got to fuck her without committing and the other guys also laughed at the boyfriend and congratulated the douche. And of course her boyfriend had trouble accepting that one time she did it with that guy. I don't get all this stuff. Could anyone explain me how the whole competition thing in a guy's head works?

ps: I know not all guys are like that. I don't want to generalize or offend anyone here.
Boyfriend can't deal with my sexual past?
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