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Girls, was she just feeling me up?

Let's say that you're a conservative girl. Let's say you're in a long distance relationship. Let's say you have a man-friend you get along really well with...who, although fairly classy and of a certain kind of good character, is not conservative at all. Let's say he's more...brazen.

Let's say he says you seem tense during a dance, and offers you a massage. Let's say you accept. Let's say he gives you a great massage, and then tells you to return the favor. Let's say you comply. Let's say the both of you get back on the dance floor with each other and others.

Let's say you both go over to a friend's house afterward for a movie. Let's say you sit next to him, and he starts massaging you again, and you return the favor again...This time let's say that this time, instead of focusing on his back...you quickly switch into rubbing his fairly thickly muscled shoulders, his arms, and even run your hands down his chest a couple of times.

Were you totally copping a feel on this guy?
Girls, was she just feeling me up?
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