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Friends with Benefits Situation turned into something more?

Okay so I've been friends with this guy for 5 years. We always had something for each other and a couple months ago started hooking up and hanging out more. His friend told me that he really likes me but when I asked him about it he said "he feels a connection and that he use to like me" I was kind of hurt and confused cause that doesn't make sense to me. I can tell that he really likes me.

Just the way he stares at me and talks to me it's pretty obvious. He is also talks about really personal stuff with me and opens up so much to me. He does everything to get my attention especially if were all hanging out with a group of guys. I sort of like him too. Last night he invited me to his band practice and when I showed up each if his band members brought the girls that they were dating and so why would he ask me to go? Then he asked me to come over to hangout and watch movies, But this time he kissed me with so much passion, I really felt this connection when we were making out. And he even told me to text him when I got home to made sure I made it home okay. *i literally live down the street. Then today he asked what time I was done with school so we could meet for coffee, and he knows that I love coffee dates. Please I need advice?
Friends with Benefits Situation turned into something more?
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