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Sexual problems with my boyfriend?

i have a relationship with my guy for 6 months now. He told me that he feels he is not enough sexualy (because of some past experience i had), he said that is the first time he wanted a few more inches to his penis and my many "juices" didn't help. I felt that my vagina was open so i looked for that in the internet, i found out about kegel exercises and i told him. He was furious that i thought that about my vagina and i thought that this past guy might opened it so i found these exercises to "close" it for him. i also told him that i wanted to help him, about not feeling small about his penis, since he isn't,(he really isn't). i was a fool i know. He said i injured his manhood with what i did. we tried to work through that and everything was fine but he got angry because i acted it never happened and i never said a word like "baby next time i want you f*ck me like that again to show me what a fool i was". now everything is really bad again and i dont want to lose him.. i dont know what to do. please help me..
Sexual problems with my boyfriend?
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