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Temptations towards infidelity?

I HAVE NOT cheated on my wife and I DO NOT believe I will cheat on my wife.

I'm 43 years old, was diagnosed with various depression disorders, started receiving treatment in my mid-twenties.

Prior I wasn’t able to form intimate relationships with other people.

Lost my virginity in my late teens and had very few (3) sexual encounters before getting my life together.

Once I got treatment things changed.

I met my wife, and entered a physically exclusive relationship with her.

She is the first and the last woman I have had a traditional romantic relationship with.

I really lucked out. We are a strong partnership.

But I feel I have missed out on so much. I never had the romances or physical contact many had.

I was finally capable of really connecting with someone on an intimate emotional level, I did, and we got married.

After 16 years together, I still find I crave that passion and excitement that you feel when you meet someone new.

More than sex, I still crave the feelings you get when you start having a relationship with someone. I really never had this. It’s really like I married my first date, let alone my first love.

Has anyone else experienced this, for whatever reason? And if so, what are your thoughts?

I sometimes day-dream that I will one day have affairs, and figure out a way to do so without ever hurting my spouse, just to satisfy these cravings. Those are very possibly just fantasies, that faced with the truth of, I would never actually choose to do.

If you don’t have actual experience to speak to me about dealing with this, then go ahead and answer how much you would judge someone like me if they ever did have affairs.

I don’t believe you would be giving me or denying me permission - that is something I will do entirely on my own - but your insight would help me understand how much of what I am feeling is a feeling of legitimate loss or not.
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I always unfortunately realize how to say something right after I post it. My scenario is the same as if I married "too young." I basically married the first girl I dated. She is still today wonderful. Though I often feel like I've missed so much.
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Thanks for the thoughtful answers. The word "cheat" may have led to more of a focus on the physical side. There is temptation there, to be sure. The real challenge I think is on the emotional side of things. That seems more something I missed out on.
Temptations towards infidelity?
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