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Is my boyfriends libido normal?

I see my boyfriend like once a week and I have quite a high libido and finding myself wanting to make up for the week and I'd do it like 5 times a day given the chance. However when I get there we will do it once, at a push twice a day. I wanted it like 4 hours after I'd given him head in the morning and he was like "I'm not a p*rn star!" but he is only 21 and we love each other very much, im not unattractive cuz he says I am beautiful all the time. I find myself feeling disgusting and unwanted when he is like this. I am also always the one that instigates making moves and touching him more. I am also 4 years older than him and have had more sexual partners, I don't know if this has summat to do with it? He says he's shy, and says he'll try get better cuz he knows I want him to start initiating sex more and talking dirty etc. but I just feel like he doesn't want me as much as I want him, and it feels weird. I dont feel hot enough :/ please help?
Is my boyfriends libido normal?
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