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How do women in general feel about a man's sexual past?

I've been dating my gf for nearly 6 months by now and we started having sex way back towards the beginning of December .

If there is something I remembered is while we were having sex, one thing said was how she has never seen a man this enthusiastic about it, taking my time and very romantic during foreplay too.

Every now and then, she does says I'm one of the best lover and we do say I love you to each other. While I'm happy to say she thinks I'm a great lover, I still haven't told her that it's really my first sexual relationship with. Though I'm a humanities and language arts professor at FIU (Florida International University) and play piano on my spare time, I was a virgin.

While we never asked about each other sexual past, I'm now wondering if women think about this sometimes. I haven't told her yet and it's because she hasn't asked me about it either. How would a woman in her mid 20's feel if she found out if her bf was a 27 year-old virgin and she was his first?

I just turned 28 last week.
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I just never had time before for a gf and wasn't really popular during my HS years.
How do women in general feel about a man's sexual past?
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