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Do you think red hair looks bad on guys?

I have seen a lot of girls say they like red hair but it doesn't look right on guys. I was always ok with it but because of all the generalizations and negativity I started bicking my head. For example people say red hair is a genetic mutate, people who have red hair are more likely to get angry than people don't have red hair, they get more horny etc... all these ridiculous things.

I will do whatever it takes to avoid the g word because I find it repulsive and it makes me feel like an endangered species. Also I have gotten a lot of comments about my pubic hair over the years especially from guys. Unless they plan on going down on me they shouldn't talk about my pubes and I am not gay but I was just wondering what girls think of red hair on guys.

Before I started shaving it I found some girls to be more drawn to me and others give me a creeped out weird look. I do feel more confident when I hide it and just bick my head.
Do you think red hair looks bad on guys?
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