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Why would a boyfriend not buy condoms?

we've been together for about half a year and over the last month or so, I've noticed my boyfriend isn't being proactive in buying birth control or any form of protection.

he knows im not okay with unprotected sex, though we have done it without anything maybe 3 times now (always taken plan b after! so dumb i know). I was on the pill for two months and have been off it for about a month and a half, during this time we've pretty much just been having a lot of oral sex.

do you think there is a reason he hasn't bought condoms (the ones i've bought we've run out). To me, not buying condoms leads to no sex, and i'm not sure why he wouldn't want to have sex...

Guys/girls, do you have any ideas why you wouldn't go out of your way to buy some?
My only guessed are 1) he's cheating or at least interested in someone else or 2) is being passive aggressive about me going off the pill, and wants me to back on, so he doesn't have to deal with wearing a condom and the decreased sensation that goes along with it.
Why would a boyfriend not buy condoms?
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