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What is his purpose with me? For what's in my heart, or pants?

So, I met this guy who works down the street from where I am going to school. We started talking after a while of running into eachother there and then became friends on Facebook . The other night we went out on a date, even though we called it just ''hanging out''.
From then on now we have really become acquainted and I have started to like him.
But the issue is... I have never had a boyfriend or really been out on dates. Very inexperienced. I have usually always focused time on studies and I have learned not only does he date a lot but he is into a lot of sexual activities which he has told me. p*rn, strip clubs, one night stand confessions, etc. It's not that I'm not comfortable with him, he is a gentleman with me and treats me very well. But I want to make sure if I should take this to the next level if its worth it. For my first ''real'' relationship which would have many risks. Many friends have told me to take a chance and enjoy this time in my life with romance and others said to stay away with him for the fear of this guy turning out to be a womanizer.
Of course, being 18. I want this. But I also want to be smart in the decision longterm.
Pros: He wasn't afraid to introduce me to his friends (for the fear of their opinions), he was willing to pick me up/drop me off wherever/whenever I want (caring for my safety in situations), buy me anything I want/need (caring for my desires), compliments me/makes me feel good (cares for my self-esteem), but most of all we balance each other with personality. Cons: He dates/has sex a lot ( a lot ) Isn't the brightest person, parties non-stop, has ignorant/biased views on issues I feel differently for (creating personal conflicts), and the worst would be that he just isn't ready to date seriously (in my opinion).
Do I continue what we have here or simply declare our relationship as just friends?
Thanks for the help.
What is his purpose with me? For what's in my heart, or pants?
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