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Ladies what is your philosophy with men?

I have had pretty much bad luck with men and I figured my philosophies and tactics have not gotten me far. I been with a few men and normally Im the understanding girl, considerate, some what patient, go-halfsies with you type of girl. In my eyes too nice. I have my "attitude" side too. Once the guy starts talking about feelings I brush it off, Ill read your messages and wait to answer especially if you did it first quite immature if you ask me but if I were to answer to your messages asap and you take a day or two, expect the same. Now none of the above has worked for me and my friend gives me advise on a friends with benefits that has been hot and cold. She wants me to be a total bitch. If your giving him some he better come pick you up. Dont ask him, tell him. (i kinda agree but dont expect all men to accept that) You better not go halfsies with him (I feel you can't obligate anyone to pay for you) Do not leave any room for him to back out (I can't just be like "were going to do this and this at this time" (I have to ask when he's available and if wants to do ______) Mind you were both single now lol. Who's right? Any advice? How can I balance being a bitch and a nice person?
Ladies what is your philosophy with men?
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